Mocking button clicks with IBM JSF's Ajax support

Filed under: JSR168 Portals, Javascript — lars @ 01:52:45 pm
I'm on a project right now where we use IBM's JSF framework (bundled with RAD, along with its hx:ajaxRefreshSubmit tag. One problem we found was that commandButtons that have an AJAX behaviour assigned to them do not submit their value… more »

Recovering deleted NTFS Partition

Filed under: Data Recovery — lars @ 02:58:19 pm
I recently deleted a couple of NTFS partitions from a dodgy hard-drive and had to attempt to recover them. Big thumbs up to the Windows-based GetDataBack from the guys at Runtime software that was able to recover alot of my files (though not all unfort… more »

CruiseControl junitreport OutOfMemory errors

Filed under: CruiseControl — lars @ 12:17:52 pm
Today we had a problem where our CruiseControl build was getting OutOfMemory exceptions when running the junitreport target. This is apparently pretty common as this target often has to perform XSLT transforms on large quantities of log. I found there… more »

Automated Login for Portals using Http POST

Filed under: JSR168 Portals, SSO — lars @ 11:24:01 am
I've worked on alot of portal projects over the last couple of years, and single-sign-on (SSO) has been a common requirement for them. Often this is achieved by using Web Application Firewalls like WebSEAL or SiteMinder, sitting in front of a j2ee… more »

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