Running Jetty 8.1 as a Windows Service

Filed under: Java — lars @ 03:30:35 pm
Today I set up Jetty 8.1.3 to run as a Windows service. It wasn't was easy as it should be, I found a Jetty 7 example and a bit of trial and error was required - so I wanted to write up what I did.I assume you've got a working jetty install tha… more »

Simple groovy pages with Jetty

Filed under: Development, Java — lars @ 07:50:09 am
Today I set up Jetty so that I could play around with some very quick and simple gsp (groovy server pages) development using my favorite light-weight servlet container, Jetty.  No building or packaging - just editing .gsp files in a directory - PHP sty… more »

Get the JVM heap utilisation for a running WebSphere server

Filed under: WebSphere — lars @ 05:39:32 am
I recently had to find out the amount of heap memory (the place a JVM stores it's object instances) being used by a running WebSphere v7.0 instance we suspected of being close to out of memory.To do this, I could use the below jython script called &… more »

Installing Rational Application Developer 7.5 on Ubuntu 10.04

Filed under: WebSphere — lars @ 04:00:05 am
I just went through the process of installing RAD 7.5 on Ubuntu 10.04, and there didn't seem to be an easy-to-follow guide for this, so I thought I'd post one. Boot Ubuntu and log in.Open a command prompt and type the following to change your de… more »

JDOMParseException with CruiseControl and Subversion

Filed under: CruiseControl — lars @ 03:50:07 am
I had some problems recently with a CruiseControl automated-build box I was setting up. Every time CruiseControl attempted to get a list of recent modifications from SVN, I got the following Exception:org.jdom.input.JDOMParseException: Error on line 3:… more »

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