Protecting USB drives from autorun.inf malware

Filed under: TechNotes — lars @ 06:25:14 am
I stumbled upon a cool hack to help prevent USB drives from spreading malware by setting themselves up to auto-execute in Windows via the autorun.inf file.  This file can exist on CD/DVD-ROM and other removal media and generally specifies an executabl… more »

Getting a BCM94321MC WiFi card working under Ubuntu 9.04 with ndiswrapper

Filed under: Linux — lars @ 10:57:46 pm
I recently ripped the WiFi card out of my AppleTV in order to replace it with a Broadcom Crystal HD card, for use with XBMC.  I decided to put this WiFi card into my Asus eee 1000HA, as it's an 802.11n capable card, a step up from what comes stock… more »

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