Creating an HFS+ Partition from the AppleTV/OS-X Command Line

Filed under: TechNotes, AppleTV — lars @ 06:37:07 pm
I just got a new 1 Terabyte hard-drive to use as an external USB drive with my AppeTV. Unfortunately, I don't have a Mac with which to partition this drive with HFS+ - the Mac file system. But it's straight-forward to do this on the AppleTV it… more »

Enabling/disabling HFS+ journaling

Filed under: TechNotes, AppleTV — lars @ 04:59:07 am
Anyone that tries to use a HFS+ (Mac OS-X filesystem) disk with linux will come to realise that although the linux kernel's HFS+ support appears excellent and pretty damn stable, it doesn't allow write-access to HFS+ partitions with journaling e… more »

Loungeroom Power Consumption

Filed under: TechNotes, AppleTV — lars @ 05:11:40 am
I've been re-arranging the gadgets in my loungeroom, and decided to take the opportunity to measure how much power they use, both when idle and powered on.  Below are the results.  These are taken with a cheap consumer Watt meter, so they might no… more »

Installing Fink to access open-source apps on an AppleTV

Filed under: AppleTV — lars @ 04:23:11 am
I was recently able to enable ssh on my new AppleTV. One of the first things I wanted to do was to be able to play with it as a unix box and set up some standard open-source software on it. It seems there are a couple of package managers for opensour… more »

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