IBM JSF - Random thoughts, guidelines and recommendations

Filed under: Development, WebSphere Portal — lars @ 04:03:25 am
Wrapping up my first WebSphere Portal project using the JSF implementation IBM have bundled with RAD 7.0 has left me with a bunch of random guidelines and recommendations for working with this version of JSF: Getter/Setter methods on a JSF managed bean… more »

Character Encoding problem with IBM's JSF and Ajax

Filed under: Development, WebSphere Portal, Ajax — lars @ 04:26:23 am
I came across an irritating bug today - one to add to my list of gripes about IBM's JSF framework. All of our application's form submissions that were performed via hx:ajaxRefreshSubmit and conatained a "" (British currency symbol)… more »

RAD 7.0 "Archive is not a valid WAR" error

Filed under: Development, JSR168 Portals, WebSphere Portal — lars @ 11:42:31 am
I've had occasional errors over the years, in both IBM Rational Application Developer (RAD) 6.0 and 7.0, where a Portal WAR project in your workspace refuses to deploy to the portal test environment. Cleaning/refreshing projects, bouncing the porta… more »

Cleaning up deleted resources in WebSphere Portal v6.0

Filed under: Development, JSR168 Portals, WebSphere Portal — lars @ 02:01:01 pm
Working with XmlAccess today I encountered of a DuplicateKeyException (see below), refering to a database constraint PAGE_INST(OID). My colleague had previously deleted some pages manually on the portal.<message id="EJPDB0099E">… more »

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