Tried out Pidgin 2.1 from PortableApps

Filed under: TechNotes — lars @ 04:48:19 pm
I just spent a bit of time setting up the new Pidgin 2.1 release from PortableApps. It seems like a nice improvement over the original Gaim, but I did have a few difficulties setting it up the way I liked:I like to set up the key bindings so that wit… more »

IBM JSF - Random thoughts, guidelines and recommendations

Filed under: Development, WebSphere Portal — lars @ 04:03:25 am
Wrapping up my first WebSphere Portal project using the JSF implementation IBM have bundled with RAD 7.0 has left me with a bunch of random guidelines and recommendations for working with this version of JSF: Getter/Setter methods on a JSF managed bean… more »

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