Getting Google Desktop to index Outlook's Deleted Items folder

Filed under: TechNotes, VB Script — lars @ 11:00:40 am
I've recently discovered the joys of running Google Desktop on my machine, primarily as a really fast way to search all my emails in Outlook.  But there's one issue I've had that nobody seems to have an answer for - Google Desktop will not… more »

Developers are wasting their time

Filed under: Development — lars @ 07:50:06 pm
This week I stumbled upon this survey about j2ee containers, where 700 respondants answered questions about the speed with which their chosen container can redeploy/restart after they make a code update during development.  Some interesting numbers cam… more »

Grouping inner and outer joins

Filed under: TechNotes, Oracle, SQL — lars @ 07:32:55 pm
I was recently asked how to write a query that would contain a combination of inner and outer join (for Oracle).  In this case, the query was to return an entity and all it's attributes.  The entity needed to be returned even if there were no attr… more »

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