Listing all permissions in PostgreSQL

Filed under: Development, SQL — lars @ 09:40:33 am
I've just spent some time trying to debug a permissions issue in PostgreSQL that kept giving me the error "permission denied for <tablename>" when trying to access a view - even though I appeared to have all the required permissions… more »

Grouping inner and outer joins

Filed under: TechNotes, Oracle, SQL — lars @ 07:32:55 pm
I was recently asked how to write a query that would contain a combination of inner and outer join (for Oracle).  In this case, the query was to return an entity and all it's attributes.  The entity needed to be returned even if there were no attr… more »

Oracle indexes tip

Filed under: TechNotes, Oracle, SQL — lars @ 05:41:51 am
I recently had the pleasure(?) of optimising a query in Oracle, and discovered that splitting the query into two parts, each returning part of the required results, and then creating indexes to optimise these seperately was a workable strategy.  in thi… more »

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