First impressions of VmWare 6.5 Unity Mode

Filed under: VMWare — lars @ 11:37:38 pm
I've been using VmWare 6.5's Unity mode in anger for the last week or so, running windows XP and 2000 guests on Vista x64.  All in all, I'm pretty impressed with how well it works!For seamless windows, I consider it a more advanced solution… more »

VmWare, SMP and VirtualBox Performance Comparison

Filed under: TechNotes, VMWare — lars @ 12:45:44 pm
After playing with the same Windows 2000 Virtual Machine in both VmWare Player and VirtualBox, I thought I'd take the opportunity to do some basic performance testing between the two, to see whether I should make the jump to VirtualBox and take adva… more »

Enabling Dual-CPU Support in Windows 2000 under VmWare

Filed under: TechNotes, VMWare — lars @ 04:21:45 pm
After my triumph converting a VmWare virtual machine for use with VirtualBox, I thought I'd attempt another job that I've been meaning to give a go for some time - enabling Dual CPU support in a Windows 2000 VM that I use, so that the guest can… more »

Migrating a Windows 2000 VmWare Virtual Machine to VirtualBox

Filed under: TechNotes, VMWare — lars @ 12:24:55 pm
Today I decided I'd like to play around with the rising force in virtualisation, VirtualBox - particularly because it has that nice seamless windows feature. The problem is that the virtual machines I use for my work were created (some time ago) us… more »

VMWare Suspend/Resume Disk Thrashing Hell

Filed under: VMWare — lars @ 08:11:18 am
I've finally managed to fix a problem I had with VmWare. I've been running VmWare Server (1.04) on a DualCore WinXP machine with 3gb of RAM where I need to frequently switch between Virtual Machines by suspending one and then resuming another.… more »

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