Encrypted SMB for Linux and Windows 10

Filed under: TechNotes, Ajax — lars @ 09:57:00 am
I recently tried to secure (ie transport encryption) access to my local Samba server running on a Debian box - as by default all Samba traffic outside password exchanges is unencrypted. Getting this working end-to-end involved a little more trial-and… more »

Smaller compressed tar archives

Filed under: Ajax — lars @ 06:15:00 am
I've seen some benchmarks recently showing just how much smaller 7z compression can be than traditional zip/gzip/bzip.  This motivated me to update some regular archiving scripts to switch from gzip compression to gz. Normally to create a compressed t… more »

Using Amazon Glacier and handling 408 RequestTimeoutException errors

Filed under: TechNotes, AWS — lars @ 08:30:00 pm
Lots of people have problems with their Amazon Glacier uploads timing out.  The key to avoiding this is to use multipart uploads. I use the glacier-cmd command-line tool, and the multi-part approach works as per the below. Create an archive if you do… more »

Ripping scratched audio CDs in Linux

Filed under: Ajax — lars @ 04:36:00 pm
I recently tried to rip some old audio CDs that had quite a few scratches. Lately I've been doing my CD-ripping using Asunder on Ubuntu. It works well enough, but I found for the scratched CDs the progress is horribly slow, to the point where it seems… more »

Full-Duplex audio recording on Linux, for Skype and other VoiP

Filed under: TechNotes, Linux — lars @ 12:31:00 pm
I've recently had the need to record a phone-call made via Skype.  There are a number of means to do this, but I've attempted to use a generic method of recording both PC and microphone audio using PulseAudio - which is applicable to any application or… more »

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