More Power Usage Measurements

Filed under: TechNotes — lars @ 12:58:56 am
About 18 months ago I did some measurements of the power usage of some of the gear in my loungeroom using a kill-a-watt meter. It was interesting to see how high the standby power usage was of some devices, in the context of standby power apparently r… more »

Prophesising the End of Email?

Filed under: News — lars @ 04:41:49 am
Microsoft Office 2010 provides seamless integration with LinkedIn. Industry analysts expect Facebook to follow because Microsoft owns a sizable stake in the company.  Some already demand it. I think I can see where all this is going. Email is going t… more »

JDOMParseException with CruiseControl and Subversion

Filed under: CruiseControl — lars @ 03:50:07 am
I had some problems recently with a CruiseControl automated-build box I was setting up. Every time CruiseControl attempted to get a list of recent modifications from SVN, I got the following Exception:org.jdom.input.JDOMParseException: Error on line 3:… more »

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