Setting up PostgreSQL under Ubuntu 8.04.1 Server

Filed under: TechNotes, Development, Linux — lars @ 05:07:29 am
I recently had to set up a new development database machine.  The database needed to be PostgreSQL and I chose a base operating system of Ubuntu 8.04.1 server.  This was not quite as simple as I'd hoped.  After I got the machine up and running wi… more »

Investigating java.sql.SQLException: ORA-01000: maximum open cursors exceeded

Filed under: TechNotes, Oracle — lars @ 09:07:35 pm
I recently had to troubleshoot a ORA-01000 error in a WebSphere application.  It seems Oracle has a limit of (usually 1000) cursors that can be open for a single session, and once this limit is reached, the ORA-01000 error is thrown.  A cursor is like… more »

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