Selecting and updating text in an Oracle BLOB or CLOB

Filed under: Oracle — lars @ 03:05:31 am
I've found it a bit of a pain today to find a (relatively) simple way to work with XML in a BLOB/CLOB field in an Oracle 11g database via Oracle SQL Developer, so I want to note it for future reference.To UPDATE a BLOB/CLOB with a string, the string… more »

Grouping inner and outer joins

Filed under: TechNotes, Oracle, SQL — lars @ 07:32:55 pm
I was recently asked how to write a query that would contain a combination of inner and outer join (for Oracle).  In this case, the query was to return an entity and all it's attributes.  The entity needed to be returned even if there were no attr… more »

Oracle indexes tip

Filed under: TechNotes, Oracle, SQL — lars @ 05:41:51 am
I recently had the pleasure(?) of optimising a query in Oracle, and discovered that splitting the query into two parts, each returning part of the required results, and then creating indexes to optimise these seperately was a workable strategy.  in thi… more »

Investigating java.sql.SQLException: ORA-01000: maximum open cursors exceeded

Filed under: TechNotes, Oracle — lars @ 09:07:35 pm
I recently had to troubleshoot a ORA-01000 error in a WebSphere application.  It seems Oracle has a limit of (usually 1000) cursors that can be open for a single session, and once this limit is reached, the ORA-01000 error is thrown.  A cursor is like… more »

Configuring Oracle 10g memory usage

Filed under: TechNotes, Oracle — lars @ 01:17:40 am
I'm working on a project currently where all the developers have their own instance of Oracle 10g XE (Express Edition) installed on their workstation. By default, the Oracle instance seems to use about 600MB of RAM, which is probably more than we n… more »

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