Resizing swap partition breaks Ubuntu 9.04 resume

Filed under: Linux — lars @ 09:51:11 am
I recently had to increase the size of my Ubuntu swap partition after putting some more RAM in my netbook, as hibernate would no longer work correctly.  (I find it appalling that Ubuntu uses the swap partition for hibernation - it means that hibernatio… more »

Get the JVM heap utilisation for a running WebSphere server

Filed under: WebSphere — lars @ 05:39:32 am
I recently had to find out the amount of heap memory (the place a JVM stores it's object instances) being used by a running WebSphere v7.0 instance we suspected of being close to out of memory.To do this, I could use the below jython script called &… more »

Sharing mobile broadband via WiFi using Ubuntu on my netbook

Filed under: Linux — lars @ 11:41:17 pm
I've had to move away from a fixed broadband connection for a few weeks.  To get by, I've gotten a 3G USB modem from my local telco Optus, and I've set up my Asus eee netbook (running Ubuntu 9.04) to work as a WiFi access point that will sh… more »

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