Restoring your FireFox Scrapbook index file

Filed under: TechNotes, Data Recovery — lars @ 06:54:58 am
Recently my Firefox Scrapbook items seemed to disappear, which was quite alarming. I suspect filesystem troubles caused by sharing the same Scrapbook between Windows and Linux on my dual-boot laptop, using the then beta version of the ntfs-3g drivers.… more »

Checking how linux detects your USB devices

Filed under: TechNotes, Linux — lars @ 06:45:50 am
Today I did some troubleshooting the transfer speeds to the FTP server on my housemate's LinkSys NSLU2. My USB HD enclosure is running at USB1.1 speeds.I have discovered that you can check this out on any linux install it turns out by using the fol… more »

Binding to the BODY onLoad event in a portlet

Filed under: Development, JSR168 Portals, Javascript — lars @ 11:37:54 am
One of the hassles that many developers come across when developing Javascript for their portlets is the lack of access to the BODY onLoad event. You can't simply override this using javascript as this might break functionality in the portal theme,… more »

Cleaning up deleted resources in WebSphere Portal v6.0

Filed under: Development, JSR168 Portals, WebSphere Portal — lars @ 02:01:01 pm
Working with XmlAccess today I encountered of a DuplicateKeyException (see below), refering to a database constraint PAGE_INST(OID). My colleague had previously deleted some pages manually on the portal.<message id="EJPDB0099E">… more »

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