Enabling Dual-CPU Support in Windows 2000 under VmWare

Filed under: TechNotes, VMWare — lars @ 04:21:45 pm
After my triumph converting a VmWare virtual machine for use with VirtualBox, I thought I'd attempt another job that I've been meaning to give a go for some time - enabling Dual CPU support in a Windows 2000 VM that I use, so that the guest can… more »

Migrating a Windows 2000 VmWare Virtual Machine to VirtualBox

Filed under: TechNotes, VMWare — lars @ 12:24:55 pm
Today I decided I'd like to play around with the rising force in virtualisation, VirtualBox - particularly because it has that nice seamless windows feature. The problem is that the virtual machines I use for my work were created (some time ago) us… more »

ext2IFS isn't perfect

Filed under: TechNotes, Linux — lars @ 01:15:19 pm
No software is perfect I suppose. I've been using ext2IFS on my laptop without a single problem for a couple of years to allow my linux ext3 partition to be accessible from windows. So I thought I'd do the same with my dual-booting set up on m… more »

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