Full-Duplex audio recording on Linux, for Skype and other VoiP

Filed under: TechNotes, Linux — lars @ 12:31:00 pm
I've recently had the need to record a phone-call made via Skype.  There are a number of means to do this, but I've attempted to use a generic method of recording both PC and microphone audio using PulseAudio - which is applicable to any application or… more »

Remapping Print Screen to Context Menu in Ubuntu using xmodmap

Filed under: TechNotes, Linux — lars @ 03:14:00 am
My new laptop is missing the Context Menu key, which I use quite a lot, and in it's place is the Print Screen key, which I use rarely.  I wanted to find a way to re-map Print Screen to Context Menu.  It turns out, in my case, this is possible in Ubuntu… more »

Resizing swap partition breaks Ubuntu 9.04 resume

Filed under: Linux — lars @ 09:51:11 am
I recently had to increase the size of my Ubuntu swap partition after putting some more RAM in my netbook, as hibernate would no longer work correctly.  (I find it appalling that Ubuntu uses the swap partition for hibernation - it means that hibernatio… more »

Sharing mobile broadband via WiFi using Ubuntu on my netbook

Filed under: Linux — lars @ 11:41:17 pm
I've had to move away from a fixed broadband connection for a few weeks.  To get by, I've gotten a 3G USB modem from my local telco Optus, and I've set up my Asus eee netbook (running Ubuntu 9.04) to work as a WiFi access point that will sh… more »

Some Ubuntu tweaks for netbooks

Filed under: Linux — lars @ 07:52:39 pm
I've recently made a couple of useful tweaks to the Ubuntu install on my little eee netbook to make it a bit easier to work with on this small device.Disable touchpad when typing - Under "System" -> "Preferences" -> "… more »

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