Enabling/disabling HFS+ journaling

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Anyone that tries to use a HFS+ (Mac OS-X filesystem) disk with linux will come to realise that although the linux kernel's HFS+ support appears excellent and pretty damn stable, it doesn't allow write-access to HFS+ partitions with journaling enabled - which is the default configuration for Mac OS-X.

Thankfully, there's a quick way to disable journaling on your drive from the OS-X command-line:

diskutil disableJournal /Volumes/YourDiskName/

You can leave your drive like this if you plan on swapping between Linux and OS-X regularly.  But if you will mostly use the drive with OS-X, you might want to re-enable journaling later, as this should do good things for your file-system stability:

diskutil enableJournal /Volumes/YourDiskName/

Also remember that any HFS+ drive that hasn't been cleanly unmounted will always be read-only in linux.  One way to fix this is just to mount and unmount it under OS-X.  Or you could try the linux version of fsck for HFS+ - a util that tries to repair HFS+ filesystems.


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