Loungeroom Power Consumption

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I've been re-arranging the gadgets in my loungeroom, and decided to take the opportunity to measure how much power they use, both when idle and powered on.  Below are the results.  These are taken with a cheap consumer Watt meter, so they might not be 100% accurate, but enough to give you a sense.

Powered down/stand by devices:
 - XBOX1 (4-6W)
 - XBOX360 (2-4W)
 - Toshiba 37" LCD TV (1W)
 - NSLU2 (0W)
 - LinkSys WAG43G (3W - PSU only)
(Interestingly, a 2W draw was registered even with nothing plugged in at all, not even the power strip)

And just for the sake of comparison, here's power usage for some devices when actually being used:

Powered-on devices:
 - XBOX1 (46-47W)
 - XBOX360 (126 W)
 - Toshiba 37" LCD TV (123W)
 - Linksys ADSL/WiFi Router WAG354G (9W)
 - AppleTV (17W)
 - Seagate 500GB Sata Drive in enclosure (12W)

So all in all, I'd be burning 49W just to leave everything plugged in, my broadband/WiFi on and my AppleTV/USB hard-drive powered up (running as a server).  Scary.  It really adds up.


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